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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

I always wanted to start a blog. Here's why.

I know a lot of our early age thoughts and opinions run our lives today, some we filter out and learn from, others take a while longer to realize the impact. Like thinking blogs are for people who______. You can insert anything here you think you would say as a teen. Whatever the case, it was a excuse not to try and it kept me from even thinking about a blog with my name beside it. Now I'm here an adult living in a digitally social age an everyone has a blog, not to mention the amount of subscribers you have can somehow be flipped to a stream of revenue. Anyway what would my audience expect from me?

What to expect

I never really knew exactly what I would say, who would my audience be, is my life really that interesting? Now that I have grown a bit in life it has been revealed to me that I do have something to share. So as you follow along this account of Gems be ready to experience the life of not only Jamaal Lamaaj Barber | Artist extraordinaire, but also the Son, the Husband, the Father, the Brother, the Friend. all wrapped into one lovely short read to bring you some encouragement.

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