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Ever wonder why you were still here?

I remember it like it was yesterday, I closed my eyes and let it all go four times they said my car flipped rolling down the side embankment. I thought all was lost not just my car but my life, everything and everyone that mattered to me. By GOD’s grace and divinity I’m still here today to write this message.

The wreck 2014

These days it’s unfortunate that we are experiencing a unmeasurable amount of loss, and it comes in all forms. We have experienced loss of family, financial stability, mental breaks, loss of hope when everyday we are made aware of new hardships. Experiencing this loss can cause pain, strain, and how Ironic, more loss. I like to think there is another way to look at it, there has to be some meaning in all this loss, there always is.

The fact that we (you) (me) (us) we‘re all here to have an experience so it must be counted all joy that we get to see these things, feel these things and choose our path to deal with them. As transformation church’s assistant Pastor Charles Metcalf put it in a sermon during the crazy-er faith series “We get to name the season”. All that we are going through we get to call it whatever we want. So let’s change perspective on how we name our losses so they may become lessons, blessings and preparation for the new season we are being called to because we are still here for a reason. GOD still has use and a purpose for us, so lets continue looking for our next assignment and experience the fullness of what GOD has prepared us for.

This kind of thinking is a result of understanding that you are in control but not in total control. This is submission to GOD’s design and will for you. We rest in knowing that he has a plan to grow us using our experiences as an opportunity to worship with our lifestyle.


I’ve added a link to the sermon from Pastor Charles entitled (What will you name it)

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