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ART HAS NO LIMITS, but its forever pushing the limits around the world, 
my creative journey from a perspective of viewing my life as a work of art.


The convience of a Haircut in the comfort of your home. I bring 13years of experience as a Barber professional to you, giving a Picture Perfect Haircut to save your appearance and Time. Call for your free consultation and set up your first appointment for any occasion. click the Style seat link at the bottom of the page for details.

creative artist

Art is an experience that captivates both the artist and onlookers. sometimes it Takes on a life of its own. Experience Jamaal Lamaaj creating Fast works of art at your next event or partner with him to create a Custom piece for you or as a gift. see the contact page for Inquiries. we will be honored to create with you.

I got back into the groove of creating after facing some stumbling blocks in my childhood, 

I just reached a point where I didnt have a passion for the things unseen I had become the man of the house and focusing on my art work at the time just didnt have a place. that whole " Art is not a real JOB" syndrome

Little did I know Art would take me on a journey of learning the skills of the Barber Stylist I have been for 10+ years and build connections and relationships with Notable Figures from all over.

The DMV is a small place with lots of Barbers, Artist & entertainers alike that have formed a culture around the city and reflecting the times we live in. "shout out to Marvin Gaye, Raheem Devaughn, Demont Pinder,  Philaday and countles others. So once you've made a name for yourself like Jamaal Lamaaj Barber | Artist and have done so much good for your community People cant help but remember how you impacted them. 

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